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Our site is a member of the PanGeo Media Group of Internet

Q: What do you folks do?A: "We''re PanGeo Media

Group. We''re a media company. We produce articles, news, features,

animation, audio, and video information and entertainment for a growing

number of Internet web sites. We''re also advertiser supported."

Q: Where are you located?A: "We''re headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii. We maintain

a staff of contributors, advisors, technical personnel, managers, editors,

and media production personnel throughout the US: San Francisco, Los

Angeles, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, New York, Greensboro, NC., and

Q: How many web sites do you manage?A: "Lots. PanGeo Media owns and maintains over 150 Internet

domain names and Internet web sites in a variety of Content Channels.

We produce news, information, and entertainment media and material for

a select group Channels, such as Travel, Health, Parenting, Dining,

Fitness, Business, Technology, and many others. We also provide marketing

Q: How do you manage all the complexity of producing content for

so many web sites?A: "We developed an in-house technology that we call MAS*

Technica. It helps us manage all the pieces in an inherently complex

business operation. The current version is vRKW."

Q: How many visitors do your sites get each day?A: "PanGeo produces a new Internet web site every day, so

total numbers continue to change rapidly. Monthly visitor and page view

growth often increases by 50-percent per month."

Q: How can I advertise on the PanGeo Network?A: "Contact us at sales@pangeomedia.com.

Or call us at 650-754-0896."

Q: What''s it like working in Honolulu?A: "Actually, we live and work in 20 different locations

throughout the US. Including Honolulu, HI. The beaches are better here."

Q: How can I contact PanGeo?A: "Here''s that number again-- 650-754-0896. And the web

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