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- Weight Loss Motivation

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0 Comments Hi Gorgeous,I know that you are amazing! And lacking motivation doesn''t mean the contrary. In fact sometimes I even lack mojo not necessarily just with my health but other areas of my life too but I have learned to be compassionate an loving towards myself so I do not blame myself at all. In fact I even think that sometimes it is quite normal to lack motivation... I also know that by definition, motivation is a feeling, a desire to challenge myself in order to move away or escape a perceived painful situation towards a more pleasurable one. Motivation is sometimes mistaken for will power which is the process of consciously forcing yourself to do something that you do not want to do. Well the only reason you need to use will power is if you lack motivation. Just remember this: Motivation= wanting toWill power = not wanting to and forcing myself toAs you may realize will power just won''t cut it don''t you? Well I have realized that too, and I know that if I do not feel motivated, well I am in trouble! But I have great news for you, motivation is a feeling and like all feelings, you can create the space for yourself to get into that emotional space. And that is exactly what I do and how I get back on tract.There are only two reason why we lack motivation1) We are not really clear about what we want (Hence we cannot associate enough pleasure around achieving that outcome) and we are not really clear about the consequences of not taking action(Hence we are not associating enough pain around not achieving that outcome) 2) The other reason is the presence of unconscious saboteurs So if you lack of motivation , then chances are you are not really clear about what is it that you actually want and what are the consequences of not taking action. And there is a very easy way around that. Simply get out a pen and paper and write down the consequences that you are currently facing as a result of not being where you want to be as well as the consequences of not taking action. Then write down your goals, dreams and aspirations. Create a very clear mental image of what you want and put in as much details in as possible, include the benefits of achieving your goals and then visualize yourself achieving your goals, imagine how achieving this goal will impact positively on your life and those around you. The thing is you will be a lot more motivated by the pleasure of reaching your goal than by the consequences. Hence get clear on the consequences but spend more time working on a clear compelling vision of achieving what you want to achieve. Other things you can tryWrite down exactly how you imagine your life to be once you have achieved your goals, write every details as if you are writing a movie then visualize the movie and play it in your head. Do this on a daily basisWrite down a list of around 30 to 50 benefits of achieving your goals and how specifically this will impact on your life positively. Read this list dailyStart taking action and small steps towards your goals and keep rewarding yourself along the way (No massive change and overwhelming yourself with heaps of stuff) Make it fun! If you need to keep forcing yourself, chances are it will get harder and harder to stay motivated. Make it fun, be creative. That''s an easy and rather straight forward way of getting yourself motivated and on tract however it isn''t always that simple. Have you ever woken up feeling super pumped and energized, got out of bed early, cleaned the house, went for a run but in the afternoon has a sweet craving that triggered an eating chain reaction which we all refer to as binge eating? Have you noticed how sometimes you feel super motivated, you exercise regularly, eating well but as you see results and you get really close to reaching your ideal body weight, you suddenly injure yourself and can''t exercise anymore or you somehow get busy with life? Have you ever wondered why is it that when you start on a new diet, you craving and desire for cakes and chocolate seems to double, triple or quadruple? Why is it that after you had a great session at the gym, you get those massive cravings and you feel so hungry that you end up "undoing" your hard work? The answer is you are unconsciously sabotaging yourself. I describe exactly what self sabotage is in this mindset and motivation video training. Click the link below to watch. Watch video now The thing about self-sabotage is that unless it is taken care of and addressed, you will keep running around in circles. Self-sabotage can be addressed and overcome using powerful NLP techniques and hypnotic scripts. And helping women overcome self-sabotage is one of my specialty. And I have great news for you ladies, right now I am offering a free life coaching session valued at $200.00 where you can experience NLP and experience the mindset shift almost immediately.I know that you are sick of the yo-yoing, I know that you have a already tried the diets, pills, potions and that you have been struggling with your weight for years. I know that deep inside all you want is to be happy and healthy and trust me you can have all of that. You can feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, you can have the vitality an energy that you want, you can have the healthy slim body that you desire and you can be happy... Let me help you make this dream a reality and contact me today for that free session that will change your life around. Look forward to hearing from you gorgeous! Remember you are amazing and you deserve love and happiness! Aurelie

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